I can not login to my model account, what should I do?

Please attempt to reset your password by following the steps below: 1) Click on "model login" 2) Click on "forgot password: 3) Enter your email that you used when you submitted your modeling application to us. 4) Check your email for a temporary password sent by us, if it is not on your main folder, then check your spam folder. Note: If our system is not recognizing your email, the most likely issue is that you provided us with the wrong email at the time of application submission. In that regards contact our support team at support@thriveelites.com for assistance.

Can i become a Thrive model if I am already contracted with a brand?

If you are under a modeling contract that restricts you from working with any other company or a brand, we will not have the ability to process you. We do that to avoid any conflicts of interest. You must wait until your contract is over in order for us to process you.

I’am 16 years old. Can I still sign up?

Sorry at the moment we can only process individuals who are 18 and above.

Do we accept plus size models?

Yes we do!

Why is the wait time is 90 to 160 days?

Because for the importance and the size of the brands we work with. We must stay pro-active by processing talents on enough time window that allows for any errors. and it's mostly due to how seasons work and the brand timeline.

How long is the wait time until the model gets to be put in front of a brand?

The talents that are being processed now are meant for the upcoming season which will begin on the next 6 to 8 months. Once the next season begins, thrive will first start promoting its VIP talents and then if all the VIP talents book a contract, they will then begin with its base talents.

Can I reject a contract?

Yes you have the full right to reject contracts/offers, however we do not recommend that.

What are the benefits of working with a big brand?

Beside being able to travel, working with one of our partner brands allows you to earn a steady income for the length of the contract and enables you to have a well rounded resume for anything that you choose to pursue next. In a sense it gives you credibility as a model and as an individual.

Does talents have to pay for any traveling or living expenses such as: hotel, food or transportation of the trip?

Thrive covers your first traveling expenses to meet and shoot for the brand partner that chooses to put you under contract. After the contract is secured, the brand will cover all the future expenses that are work related.

What relationship will a talent have with thrive after they get contracted with a brand?

All talents remains in the Thrive talent data base, so at the moment their contract ends with the existing brand, the talent will have the opportunity to again secure a new contract with either the same brand or a different brand. However if you would like to be removed from our data base, you can do so.